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Alternatives to co-working spaces for remote workers

Co-working spaces

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Co-working spaces are becoming increasingly popular, but they are not suitable for every worker. Shared working spaces can offer an inspiring community to focus and create. However, they can also be distracting and inconvenient. At the end of the day, the ideal spot for a remote worker is one that lets them produce efficiently and effectively. Here are some alternatives to co-working spaces for remote workers and freelancers.

1. Home office

Working from home can be extremely comfortable and convenient. And with a thoughtful use of office furniture, a home office can provide space to work that is separate – physically and metaphorically – from personal life. The foundation to a home office is desk space. For a streamlined yet professional workspace, try a table that is simple yet is suitable for long hours. Artopex creates versatile and adjustable work surfaces that can be raised and lowers, but they are simple and streamlined to fit into personal spaces. These tables look like just a surface on simple legs, but they can be raised or lowered with a touch of a button. Cables and power cords are tucked away to further streamline the look.

2. Share an office

Co-working spaces are great for sharing expenses, but they are not the only arrangement that is based on sharing. A more traditional approach is leasing a small office space and splitting the expenses among other small businesses. This offers more control and customization than a co-working space.

3. Library, coffee shop or other peaceful spots

Remote workers can set up at a local coffee shot, library, park (indoor or outdoor) or public spaces to get work done anywhere, anytime. Consider a day at the Calgary Public Library’s downtown Central Library – opened in November 2018. This large library has spaces to settle and work with a range of views and noise levels.

4. Change it up

The main benefit of working remotely is selecting the location of work. This means regularly changing the location – on a day-by-day basis.

Co-working spaces can be perfect for some, but some remote workers will be more effective either at home or out. No matter where you work, make sure you’re comfortable and supported by the furniture you use.

And if you’re looking to furnish a coworking office, here is our top picks for collaborative and productive furniture for coworking spaces.

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