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Best practices for furnishing co-working spaces

Co-working spaces

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Gone are the days where workers complete all their work in the office. Mobile phones, laptops and endless access to the Internet has allowed freelancers and employees of small and large businesses to work from anywhere. We are in the age of nomadic workplaces.

As workplace flexibility increases, an interesting trend is the rise of co-working spaces. Freelancers and small businesses are seeking a place to do their work.

The term “co-working” was first used in 1999 by a game designer who wanted to create a space that encourages cooperation and communication. By focusing on collaboration instead of competition, co-working intended to bring game designers and other tech-focused freelancers out from isolation and into communities that can mutually benefit their projects.

It is estimated that there are over 7,800 co-working spaces in the world. And this number is expected to rise.

What exactly are co-working spaces? It is a workplace strategy where individuals and small businesses share a workspace. Although they are often in different niches or even industries, co-working spaces encourage collaboration between completely different businesses.

Here are some tips for furnishing a co-work space to ensure it is functional, collaborative and a desirable place for nomadic workers.

The key to co-working spaces is flexibility. Selecting furniture that can be easily adjusted, moved or expanded is important. Look into benching systems – these sets of tables, storage and dividers come in a range of sizes so there is nearly an endless number of configurations available. The Task Benching System is a series of desks and storage pieces by Links Contract Furniture. With hidden access for cables, data and power, the Task Benching System is an elegant approach to modern flexible furniture.

Another excellent product for superb flexibility are moveable training tables. One series of training tables by Trendway can be folded and rolled away to be used in a different spot or for storage. One table can be used as an individual workspace in the morning then joined with other tables to create a meeting space in the afternoon.

Co-working spaces can be exciting to furnish because they are vibrant and dynamic environments. Come visit Choice Office Furniture to explore the best furniture for your co-working office.

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