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Will office chairs ruin carpet? And other common questions

Office Chairs

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Office chairs are the most essential item of office furniture. There are a number of questions that we regularly hear from customers as they explore the chairs that we have on display in our new and used office furniture showroom. If you have any questions about aren’t answered here – just send us a message anytime!

How do you clean office chairs?

Office chairs do require some (but minimal) maintenance to keep them comfortable and clean. Along with vacuuming or wiping off the fabric, problem areas – such as the castors and wheels – should also be cleaned on a regular basis. This isn’t a difficult job however, and we cover all the details on maintaining your chair in a previous article.

Do office chairs ruin carpet?

Depending on the quality of carpet, office chairs do have the potential to wreck carpets or pads between the floor and carpet. Even a small person sitting in an office chair can exert 100 psi of pressure onto the carpet from the chair. For home offices with plush carpet, the effects of an office chair may be visible in the short term. Commercial carpets are not as plush and designed to withstand heavy use so there will likely be little visible impacts. If you are concerned about your carpet, use a floor mat or select an office chair with dual carpet castors, such as the Xenali task chair.

What size of desk chair is best for me?

Office chairs do indeed come in different sizes. Most chairs can support significant weight, so select the size based on comfort. Your feet should be able to rest flat on the floor and not dangle off the seat. The seatback should support your entire back and wrap around the backside of your torso.

When should chairs be replaced?

Contract furniture is designed to last many years of heavy use, but there does come a time when office chairs need to be replaced. If the chair doesn’t look worn and if all levers and mechanisms function properly, the chair is likely still good. When the chair looks worn, that is an indicator that the chair will not be as supportive and may cause poor sitting posture and discomfort. Then it is time for a new chair.

What’s the best desk chair?

There are many different types of desk chairs because there is no one-size-fits-all. The best way to determine the best chair for you in visit our showroom and test out a few chairs. Our furniture experts can direct you to the options that suit your needs and budget. And you don’t need a huge budget to find the perfect chair – our new and used selection features a variety of budget-friendly options.

Choice’s new and used office furniture showroom has hundreds of chairs ready for you to try out. Come in and sit, spin, raise and lower our chairs. And of course, we are happy to answer all your questions about office chairs and help you find the perfect fit.

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