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Take care of your chair

Office Chair Maintenance

Posted on by Choice Office Furniture.

The office chair is the most important piece of office furniture. Through every mouse scroll and keystroke, it is there to support you. (Unless you have a sit-stand desk, but that is a different topic.)

Like all office furniture, chairs require love and attention every once in a while. Regular chair maintenance can ensure chairs last a long time and remain comfortable, smooth and stylish.

The simplest chair maintenance is regular brushing or vacuuming. Compressed air can also be used to help blow dust and debris out of tight areas. Regularly vacuuming or brushing chairs can go a long way to keep it clean.

Non-fabric parts of chairs can be wiped down with a cloth and all-purpose cleaner. This can remove smudges and dirt, particularly from the chair legs. Leather and vinyl chairs can also be wiped down, but be sure to dry the chairs immediately with a dry and clean cloth.

To keep chairs on a roll, spend time to clean the wheels. Scrubbing the outside of the wheels removes dirt and hairs from the casters that may be causing the wheels to stick. To go even further, remove the wheels from the chair and give a very thorough clean. Use cotton balls and rubbing alcohol to wipe the entire surface and get a final polish. After cleaning the wheels, spray the inside with a little bit of lubricant to keep the wheels rolling smoothly.

If you have a chair that is on the end of its legs, consider getting it reupholstered. Clean fabric and a fresh look can make the chair look and feel new. Choice Office Furniture has reupholstering services that can turn old furniture into vibrant and renewed office centrepieces.

If your chair has been well loved and is not as comfortable or smooth as it once was, consider getting a new chair. Choice carries a wide selection of modern and ergonomic office chairs, including many used chairs that still have lots of life left. There is a chair in our Calgary used furniture showroom that can fit your style and budget.

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