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Your boardroom must be designed to impress. Whether it is simply your regular meeting area amongst coworkers, or the place you bring prospective clients and partners, it is a room that, besides being made for meetings, should be made to look good. Style and functionality can be injected into every aspect of the boardroom: the seating, the presentation equipment, and the practical storage and shelving can each emit an air of confidence and style. Conference tables The centrepiece of every boardroom or conference room is the conference table. Our tables are sturdy, stylish, and long lasting in the face of regular use. We can help you pick out a conference table that is perfect for the dimensions and style of your office space. Glassboards Far more aesthetically pleasing than whiteboards, glassboards are easier to clean, easy to write on, and are perfect for any presentation or to keep your ideas in the line of sight. They also come in multiple colours, sizes and even with gridded backgrounds for easy blueprinting and organization of your writing. Glassboards are the perfect addition to the boardroom that will take the space from ordinary to outstanding. Presentation No matter what you need to get your ideas across, we can provide you with the equipment you need. Audiovisual aids, technological hardware, and the right furniture to fit it all in place makes for an amazing looking boardroom that is easy to use and easy to adapt to your needs. Seating The chairs in your boardroom or conference room should be as stylish and impressive as the rest of your business is - if not more so. We have ergonomic solutions to make sure no matter how long a meeting or conference goes, all the participants will be alert and comfortable throughout the whole thing. Browse through our excellent selection of ergonomic seating to pick out what would be the best for you. Storage The storage areas in a conference room are unique from elsewhere in the office because often they will hold the amenities needed for meetings and discussions – things like coffee, tea, or sugar – as well as equipment for presentations, information pamphlets on your business. Your conference room storage sets the tone for the rest of the design of the room. You’re sure to find something you like in our selection of expert storage options.

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