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Make tax season a bit better with appropriate furniture


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It’s the time of the year when document organization pays off. Managing all the receipts, income slips and other financial papers can be overwhelming, but an organized system - including workplace and home office storage - can ease the burden. Here are some ways to make it easier to complete your personal or business taxes.

The key to simple taxes is organization. Having all your documents in order and at hand will make it easier at every stage. Fortunately, organizing financial documents doesn’t require a big investment of time or money. If you’re just filing your personal taxes or for a small business, just a simple storage solution would make a big difference. The Choice used furniture showroom in Calgary carries a variety of filing drawers and storage cabinets – an economical solution to begin getting your documents in order.

If you have stacks of documents to go through, a more comprehensive storage system can manage past and future documents. A great storage solution is the Choices system by Trendway – this set of short and tall storage shelves can be arranged to fit all types of corners, hallways or offices.

When you are in the process of completing and filing your taxes, a large and clear workspace gives you room to spread out and manage a bunch of documents. For any size home or workplace, a modular table (or set of tables) can create a temporary workspace. The Heartwood Flex system of tables are lightweight, versatile and can be arranged in unique geometric shapes to match your room. And when tax season is done, the tables are perfect for temporary workstations, meetings or lunchrooms.

A cost-effective way to expand your workspace for tax season is a used office tables. We have a rolling selection of tables – including square, round and foldable – in our used office furniture showroom in Calgary.

And to answer a question we sometimes get: is office furniture a tax-deductible expense? We are not tax experts so we recommend consulting your financial experts, but a general rule-of-thumb is that office furniture is a capital expense, which can be written off at 20% per year

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