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Thinking outside the boardroom for custom furniture

Custom Furniture

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Custom office furniture is a cost-effective way to get furniture that fits and functions. When it comes to custom designed furniture, most ideas go into the boardroom. We are all for making your boardroom stand out with show-stopping furniture, but there is a place throughout the workplace for custom office furniture. Get the perfect fit and function for your workplace with Choice’s millwork and custom furniture solutions.

There are many reasons that workplaces seek to add custom furniture, but they all come back to one thing: getting furniture that fits and functions perfectly. Custom furniture suits the workflow, style and outputs of an organization. As a reflection of an organization’s values, it contributes to smoother operations.

Custom furniture is suitable throughout the workplace. A custom desk will match the size and shape of an office. A custom shelf will turn a useful hallway into functional storage. And of course, a custom boardroom table offers the space and dignity for important decisions.

Here’s our 3-step process to get the custom furniture that fits and functions in your workplace.

1. Consider your needs, not your wants

It is easy to dream about what your workplace could look like. But instead of dreaming big, start by considering the spaces that are lacking. They could be lacking in function (such as an empty room), form (perhaps an overflowing storage space) or flow. These are spaces that could be improved to make employees more productive, happier or confident.

After finding spaces that are in need of improvement, consider what your workplace needs to perform better. The best place to start is talking to the people “on-the-ground”: ask the workplace what they need to be better.

2. Explore furniture options

When your specific needs are evident, it is more clear what furniture could be suitable as a solution. If you’re a visual learner, explore our online catalogue of the latest in modern contract furniture. The goal isn’t to find the perfect piece of furniture; the goal is to come up with options that would be suitable.

Choice’s furniture experts are always happy to recommend furniture solutions that fit your needs. Just give us a call or email with the details on your space and needs – and we will let you know what will work best.

3. Create custom furniture

After you have considered your furniture needs and potential solutions, the final step is to make it a reality. Our team of millworkers and craftsmen will turn a concept into the piece of furniture that fits and functions – just for your workplace. 

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