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Office tech and furniture trends to watch for in 2019

Furniture Trends

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The universal tools in modern business are technology and furniture. To support an ever-changing workplace, office technology and furniture continue to evolve and adapt to modern workers. Improvements to office furniture in comfort and function are routine: every year we witness changes that let our customers better collaborate and get work done. Here are some trends to watch for in office furniture and technology in 2019.

Integration of office furniture and technology

As workplaces rely on both furniture and technology, they will become increasingly integrated. This could be as simple as office seating providing power outlets to charge devices at any time. Or this could be as complex as furniture with Bluetooth capabilities to manage the furniture’s settings according to the specific user.

Continued attention on workplace wellness

Happy and comfortable workers tend to be better workers. We have seen significant improvements in the efforts of organizations to make sure their workers are happy and healthy. That trend will continue to grow and evolve to better serve workers while making sure the wellness budget is effective. One approach to improve workplace wellness is making use of technology. For example, desk movement trackers can guide workers to sit, stand or move at their desks to optimize their position based on productivity and comfort.

Balancing openness and privacy

On the digital front, privacy has become a significant concern of both consumers and organizations. Managing private information includes providing spaces for individuals to complete private transactions – both in the physical and digital worlds.

Using smart tools outside (and inside) the office

Consumers have more access to smart tools. Watches, clothing and more – these devices connect with the Internet to link and share information. These devices will be used both outside and at the workplace, so encourage use that benefits the wellness and productivity.

Smart spaces

On a related but larger scale, entire rooms and buildings are becoming smart enabled. More and more items, services or processes are becoming interconnected and always available via the Internet. This provides the capability to manage and control spaces to maximize comfort and productivity.

Office furniture and technology are continuously evolving. In 2019, expect the two tools of the modern workplace to continue to integrate. 

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