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Design tips for a workplace war room

War Room

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A war room is a strategic collaborative space for quick and important decisions. War rooms are typical in industries that are followed closely by media, and the rise of social media has increased the need for many organizations and businesses to adopt strategies to quickly respond to potentially negative news. A workplace war room can contribute to quick and strategic responses by improving communication within and beyond an organization.

The main features of a war room are the rapid dissemination and showcase of data along with the ability to complete any task quickly. To put it simply: war rooms are a place to get information and take action. Here are some design tips for an effective war room.

Adaptable layout and furniture: The scenarios that require a war room are not always the same. To improve collaboration on a case-by-case basis, the furniture in a war room should be adjustable and moveable.

Technology is integrated: A key feature of effective war rooms is the ability to collect and share information with ease. Technology enables the rapid spread of data, and modern technology is dependent on data and power connections. Provide access to both power and data ports throughout the space, including adding connections on (or under) worksurfaces. For example, Trendwall flooring integrates cable connections to allow access at any place within a room.

Brainstorm ideas with writing: Visualizing thoughts can determine if new ideas will be effective and actionable. Writing surfaces, such as glassboards or whiteboard, are a classic method to displaying ideas for a group to see. The Go series of mobile glassboards by Clarus can be rolled around a workplace – including into a collaborative space.

Promote creativity and cooperation: The term “war room” gives a dark and negative image, but war rooms can be inspiring places to share ideas. Integrating plenty of lighting (especially natural light) and open spaces, a war room can be a spot for rapid action and developing innovative ideas.

A war room has an important purpose, but it can be a place for more than just responding to problems. Use a war room as a collaborative space for all types of meeting. With a considerate design, the space will benefit all types of decisions. 

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