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Stocking stuffers for the modern worker

Stocking Stuffer

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The only thing better than a thoughtful holiday gift is a thoughtful and functional gift that will be used nearly everyday. Fill the stockings of colleagues, friends and families with these office supply and furniture gifts.

Every office – whether for a home computer or an executive suite – has to manage a bunch of cords. Until wireless charging exists for all electronics, the array of power and data cables will continue to grow and become tangled. A simple solution are cable managers, including the NeatTech adjustable bags that connect to the underside of a desk. The cable managers can keep cords off of the ground and tucked out of sight. Not only does it make desks look cleaner, but it keeps cords out of the way from children and pets.

Technology contributes to efficient and productive workflows, and it can also make workers more comfortable while they are sitting (or standing) at their desk. The innovative Office IQ from HumanScale is the solution to ergonomic intelligence. This small sensor box is compatible with Humanscale’s sit/stand desks and tracks the movement of the desk worker. Using the data gathered by the Office IQ, workers can get a better picture on their health habits. This innovative stocking stuffer is perfect for anybody with a HumanScale desk.

Another unique stocking stuffer is the Switch Mouse – an ergonomic computer mouse with a V-shaped base suitable for right or left-handed users. A new computer mouse is a simple accessory that drastically improves the comfort of any worker that uses a computer. The Switch Mouse has a four-way dish on the top for simple scrolling, and the mouse can be extended to perfectly fit into any palm.

Continuing on the trend for ergonomics, a stand for papers, books or notes raises the documents to eye level. This prevents unnecessary head movements and improves the speed of transcribing or referencing print documents. One copy holder that Choice carries is the Humanscale copy stand – the adjustable stand has a line guide to both hold papers and keep track of your location on the page.

The holiday season is a time to show your appreciation for those in your community. For colleagues, friends or family, give them a gift that is useful and contributes to better (and more comfortable) work. 

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