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When your business is ready to expand, consider making better use of your existing space rather than start the process to move or renovate. Maximizing the footprint of your existing office saves money and lets you grow without an expensive change.

Office furniture is the solution to adding space within an existing office. With the innovative designs and styles of modern furniture, you can add storage and functional working spots without adding square footage - all while maintaining the openness expected from modern workplaces.

This approach – maximizing existing spaces – is leading to smaller workplaces, at least calculated by square footage. The New York Times identified this trend: the average area per employee in 1985 was 400 square feet. It dropped to 250 square feet in 2011. Saving space can save money, and modern furniture can make sure workplaces don’t feel tight, uncomfortable or lack private spaces. A major factor contributing to a drop in square footage is technology: computers have replaced papers and extensive document storage.

How can workplaces improve productivity and get more work done in less space? The solution is space-conscious office furniture.

Use office furniture that is suitable for multiple functions, such as useful for multiple workers or practical for a variety of tasks. More work can get done in an existing spot. Furniture benching systems include workspaces, storage and dividers to create optimal spaces that can float workstations or be dedicated to a single task or employee. Benching systems fit together in custom layouts to reduce the footprint. The Air Collection by Artopex is clean, light weight and comes in a wide variety of sizes and layouts.

Another approach to create new space within an existing workplace is to use temporary dividers. These dividers can be moved, adjusted or rolled between rooms to create new rooms within larger areas. Common rooms can be adjusted to create multiple collaborate workrooms, or offices can be divided to allow more employees to work with peace and privacy.

As technology continues to transform workplaces from paper to digital, expect the size requirements to also drop. We will simply need less space to complete more work. Fortunately, your organization can grow without the need to move or expand by using space-conscious office furniture.

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DeskMakers 3 Person Workstation


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