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Difference between loans and leases


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Choice Office Furniture is a full-service retailer of new and used furniture in the Calgary region. It is our goal to get quality furniture into any workplace. By improving the workflow and comfort of all employees, investing in furniture is an investment into productivity. To help Calgary businesses and organizations upgrade their office furniture, we offer extensive leasing services for long and short-term furnishing solutions.

Our financing services are flexible to let you get the furniture you need as a cost that is manageable. We offer leases for new and used office furniture that are flexible, adaptable and designed for meeting the furniture needs of modern workplaces.

Leasing office furniture is a savvy method to freeing up capital and credit for more important uses. Get the furniture you need with a payment method that is fair and flexible. Here is why leasing is the perfect solution to furnishing your workplace.

Leasing is perfect for short-term fixes

With furniture leasing, Choice owns the furniture but you get to use in your workplace. This option is ideal if you need furniture for a short period of time (such as temporary offices or limited-term projects). When you lease furniture, you pay for the use of furniture and the upfront costs are minimal.

Leasing furniture frees up your line of credit

A line of credit is an invaluable tool to infuse capital at vital stages of a business. Whether that is in stages of growth, expansion or change, a line of credit is important to keep available until the moment is right. A line of credit can be used for office furniture, but leasing furniture is an alternative method to getting the furniture you need while keeping the line of credit open.

Leasing furniture is quick and flexible

Acquiring a bank loan takes time and extensive documentation. If you want to lease furniture from Choice, our process is streamlined so you can get the furniture you need in a timeline that suits your business. We are not a bank so our concerns are in furnishing your workplace with furniture that improves productivity. Leasing furniture is a quick and flexible solution to financing office furniture.

Choice is a one-stop shop

Let us help you identify your furniture needs and outline a financing program just for your business. The best way to start is come into our Calgary showroom or send us a message with your furniture needs. We can focus on the furniture solutions that will improve your workplace’s output and find a financing option that suits your budget. 

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