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Improving output with office lounges

Office Lounge

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Office lounges don’t often come to mind as the best place to get lots of work done. But effort and dedication can be improved by making lounges more comfortable and relaxing. Improve your workplace’s output by making collaboration areas and lounges more inviting for guests and employees.

Office lounges are informal spaces with no defined purpose. It is this lack of purpose that allows lounges to be a natural spot for collaboration and teamwork, both within and outside of office hours. Comfortable and functional lounges can be spots for creative problem solving. Here is some new office furniture available at Choice Office Furniture for office lounges that can create a community in your workplace.

To transform an office lounge from a waiting area to a space for teamwork, add furniture that can be rearranged with little effort. Modular lounge seating can be adjusted by anyone to let groups work together or individuals focus on their own tasks. The Nano series of seating comes in four unique shapes, from triangles to hexagons. Together the pieces of seating create benches, chairs and small tables. Inspired by geometry, the Nano series is intended to be rearranged into countless shapes and fit into any size of room. Anybody can select the layout that they need.

The optimal arrangement for an office lounge is the capability to change between collaborative to more private. This adjustment – between open and closed – suits a multitude of uses, from an informal gathering to solo work. To allow for both public and private environments, the Intima series of modular lounge seating is extra tall to create a sense of intimacy. This balance between open and closed lets the user decide how much privacy best suits their work.

With a multi-use table, lounges can become backup or additional workspaces. Mobile tables can be stored or displayed in lounges, and then brought out for use when required. The Build tables are available in five different shapes (from wavy to fun pentagons) and are elegant enough to be used within a lounge as a display table. Then when the need arises, the tables can be pushed together to form a workstation or collaboration space.

Lounges are often an afterthought in the office; extra couches and tables are used to create a comfortable room. But many lounges lack function. With modular, mobile or adjustable furniture, lounges can become auxiliary rooms that are comfortable, functional and useful throughout the workday. 

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