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What to do when your furniture needs a fix

Furniture Repair

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Furniture is the foundation of the workplace. So it is vital that you can rely on your office furniture for many years of heavy use. Choice Office Furniture carries contract furniture from trusted manufacturers with histories of designing and creating quality products.

A good indicator of quality furniture is excellent warranties. Manufacturers that offer comprehensive warranties stand by their products and expect the products will maintain their integrity. If something does go wrong, most warranties will cover repairs or replacements, so the broken furniture doesn’t impact your productivity. Here is what to do when your furniture needs a fix.

The first step is to determine warranty coverage. Every manufacturer has different policies, so it is best to find warranty information from the manufacturer. If you need any help tracking down warranty information, simply give us a call or send a message. We are happy to save you time. If you are unsure what brand or style the item of furniture is, just send us a photo and we will provide you the warranty information.

Every manufacturer has a different approach to repairing their furniture, depending on the type of furniture and issue. For immediate information on warranties from the top brands that we carry, follow these links:

Adria Contract Seating



Comfortek Seating

Encore Seating









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For office products that exceed their recommended lifespan and are not covered by a manufacturer’s warranty, repairs are still possible. In fact, Choice has on-site repair services to make the fixes quick and easy. Our maintenance and repair technicians are experts in finding issues, fixing, refinishing and reupholstering used furniture.

If your furniture requires significant repairs and will be out-of-service for an extended period of time, we recommend renting a replacement to minimize the impact to your productivity. Choice’s short and long-term rental options will keep your workplace running even if old furniture is requiring maintenance.

We recommend you contact Choice if your furniture is not functioning as expected. Not only can we connect you with manufacturer’s warranties, but our on-site technicians can repair broken furniture right in your workplace. We are confident the furniture we carry is designed to withstand above-average usage, but if anything unexpected happens then Choice will be there to minimize the disruptions.

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