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Workplaces are becoming increasingly digitized. With drastic improvements in connectivity and productivity, modern offices would be completely different environments if they lacked modern computers. But with technology comes cords to supply both power and data. Many office furniture products account for a web of cables with built-in cable management options, and additional accessories can keep cables clean and out of the way.

From Artopex, the Take Off Freestanding desks and benches look like classic workstation but they offer innovative cable management options to hide power and data wires. Four-circuit or one-circuit power systems are concealed right into the desks, with power running from the end of the desk through to a cable tray. Computers and other devices can be plugged into the power outlets that are concealed directly underneath the tabletop. This means that cables aren’t dangling down or laying on the group around the desk. For free-standing desks with no modesty walls, the lack of cables looks elegant and organized. Data cables can also be routed through the troughs to hide connections to networks and the Internet. The Take Off series is available both as bench systems and desk systems.

To clean up existing workstations, the NeatLinks series of troughs and cable holders can organize and conceal cables in cubicles, boardrooms or other spaces with many wires. These simple cable troughs can be attached vertically or horizontally, including directly under workstations. They are cost-effective choices for any desk with cables for power, data and monitors.

Another savvy cable management accessory is the NeatTech. The NeatTech is a simple basket that mounts to desks and gathers cables through a Velcro tie. With a fabric finish, the NeatTech can accommodate just a few cables or the biggest bundle.

Wires can even be concealed right into flooring. Perfect for open offices or workstations located in the middle of rooms, in-floor cable systems can hide cables and minimize wear on power and data systems. Trendwall manufactures a flooring system that is reconfigurable and can accommodate power and data connections – perfect for both renovations and new buildings.

Technology may bring more cables, but at least there are simple ways to hide and organizes cables right at your desk.

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