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Technology is the backbone to modern workplaces. Everyone has a phone and computer, and businesses would cease to function without IT departments. Streamlining the flow and processes of IT departments can save entire companies time and money. And most of all, making IT departments more efficient will keep businesses up and running at all times.

The importance of IT departments has not been lost on furniture designers. There have been items and series of office furniture that are dedicated to the unique needs of IT specialists. These include storage and workstations to ease the installation, repair and ongoing maintenance of computer systems.

The E*Lan series is a set of storage and racking shelves for servers and computer equipment. The series is designed and manufactured by Mayline, an office furniture company known for their innovative approach for high-density storage. With the ability to hold 1000 lbs of weight, the racking system can handle loads of heavy equipment. Shelves are adjustable in 2” increments and the racks come in various sizes, including a corner configuration.

A great use for the E*Lan system of racking shelves is for a repair room. The shelves can be reconfigured on the go and even can be rolled around the room. As equipment is cycles through the repair room, the E*Lan shelves can be adjusted to keep technology off the ground and ensure the workbench is clear.

Also by Mayline, the Maytrix workbench system is the pinnacle of IT-focused design. It is a modular system for communications and monitoring equipment. With cable management and storage features, multiple screens and computers can be set up without interfering with diskspace. Shelves can be adjusted in 1” increments to hold additional equipment. The worksurface is protected from static discharges, protecting employees and equipment from hazardous electric shocks.

Just like the E*Lan series, the Maytrix system is completely reconfigurable and can adjust to changing technological demands. We recommend to start with the base system and expand as your IT department grows. All new shelves and workbenches can be integrated into the base system.

A happy IT department is good for business. Make your IT department happy with furniture that will improve the flow and ease of their job.

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