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How to brand your office on a budget

Branding in the Workplace

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In modern workplaces, branding is going far beyond business cards and letterheads. Offices are becoming the stage to show off a company’s logos, colours and images. With a splash of paint or branded furniture, every workplace can incorporate branding right in the office.

A workplace can be an extension of an organization’s brand. Both employees and visitors can better understand the goals and style of a company by showcasing colours and graphics that are in line with the brand.

There are many good reasons to including branding right in the office. For a practical reason, including your branding right in the entrance lets visitors know they made it to the right place. They will feel at ease and can prepare for their appointments and meetings. For employees, branding in the office is a reminder of the company’s culture and goals. Branding contributes to workers feeling like an integral part of the team. Employees that have pride in their work tend to deliver with improved creativity, punctuality and care.

To brand your office, get inspiration from your existing assets – logos, colours and mission statements. You can then update walls, furniture and office décor to be in line with current brand guidelines.

A cost-effective approach is painting walls with company colours. To be even more friendly to the budget, paint feature walls in high-traffic areas, such as entryways and shared spaces.

Another way to bring in company colours is with furniture – such as chairs and glassboards. Many of the multi-use chairs that we carry at Choice Office Furniture come in a range of colours and finishes. The Anytime chair by SitOnIt Seating comes in a rainbow of 17 colours – there may be a shade that matches your brand specifications. For even more customization, Clarus Glassboards can be printed in any colour or design. This includes custom finishes with logos, mission statements or inspirational quotes. The best part of the glassboards – they are functional for collaboration, meetings and brainstorming. You can show off your brand while being useful for employees and guests.

If you want to extend your branding to office furniture, bring in your colours and logos to our office furniture showroom in Calgary. Our design specialists can help find furniture that is both useful and will match your branding. 

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