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How much does an office move cost?

Office Moving

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Moving is a time consuming and expensive project, but relocating is an opportunity for businesses and organizations to be in a location that is better suited to the current culture, budget or goals. Determining the expected costs of an office move can contribute to better decisions and is the first step to relocating. Here are our top tips to figure out the budget to an office move.

Expect the unexpected

Unforeseen factors are will certainly arise during the moving process. And these surprises can delay office moves and contribute to ballooning budgets. The first step is to review and understand the types of expenses that are likely to arise.

Expenses can be categorized into before, during and after the move. For before, consider the costs of hiring or outsourcing moving project managers, preparing the new space and reviewing the current inventory of office supplies and furniture. The expenses during the move are typically understandable – hiring a team of packers, movers and installers for furniture and technology. After the move has occurred, there will be ongoing expenses for upgrades or adjustments to make the new space efficient and productive.

What is the average cost of an office move?

The best way to prepare a budget is collect quotes from all your service providers and suppliers. For a rough prediction, moving has a typical cost of $2 to $3 for packing and moving an office. This can be a cost of upwards of $250 per employee. Of course, this range depends on the complexity and urgency of the office move.

Office move tips

Offices don’t typically move often so there are few people that are experts in office moves. Hiring an office move manager will ensure the process is as quick as possible and will enable the costs to be predicted and maintained. Our office move managers are experts in office moves – and we can help in creating a budget if you’re considering an office move.

Lastly, preparation cannot be underestimated. Prepare by taking an inventory of your existing office – everything from data cables to filing cabinets. Compare the inventory with the projected needs of the new location and line up technicians and suppliers to fill any gaps. With preparation, any office move can stick to the budget.

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