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Improve productivity with plants


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Bringing plants inside the office doesn’t just add a touch of nature, plants have direct benefits for all employees. Here are four reasons to consider adding greenery into your office. It is a cost-effective investment for productivity, comfort and health.

1. Reduce stress by adding nature to the office

Plants have a positive impact on a workplace. They can reduce stress, improve overall mood and promote a positive wellbeing. In an Australian study completed in 2010, 58% of respondents said that plants in the workplace reduced their depression or feelings of dejection. Additional benefits of plants were noted, included a reduction in anger, fatigue and anxiety. All these factors – from depression to anxiety – contribute to the overall performance of a workplace. So adding some extra greenery in the workplace is a quick way of reducing stress.

2. Improve productivity, memory and creativity

All it takes is just looking at a plant to improve productivity and happiness. Plants can aid in memory retention, which is a prime factor in productivity. Researchers in 2014 compared a workplace to a zoo: animals are happier in zoos that offer exhibits that closely resemble natural habitats and are not just simple cages. Workplaces that just have desks and chairs are not stimulating and don’t promote memory retention, creativity and happiness. Just by adding some plants, workplaces can be more inviting and stimulating to improve productivity.

3. Improve health

By filtering the air that all employees breathe, plants are a practical source of air purification. This natural process aids in improving respiratory health of all employees and guests that enter and stay in the workplace.

4. Absorb sound

Plants are natural insulators for sound and noise. They can dampen extraneous noise that is distracting to employees and create spaces that are more suitable for focus or thoughtful work. This benefit of plants was considered in a 1995 paper by Dutch researchers, who looked into the engineering benefits of plants – namely acoustics, shading, air scrubbing, humidification and cooling. If plants had a practical purpose, these researchers studied it.

Adding greenery into the office is a cost-effective investment into improving the comfort and productivity of all employees. Just start by adding one plant at a time, and soon your workplace will be a jungle of output. 

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