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Keep your office clean after spring cleaning

Spring Cleaning

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‘Tis the season for spring cleaning. Even after a thorough decluttering, scrubbing and reorganizing, workplaces may quickly return to state of disarray and clutter. Don’t let your spring cleaning intentions go awry with these quick tips to create an organized office in all seasons.

1. Give everything in your office a home

Every office item should have a place where it resides when not in use. When decluttering, consider the best storage location for all items and don’t just pop into an extra drawer or onto a unused shelf. This additional step will help to prevent items from just being stored in the most convenient spaces (which often ends up to clutter desks). Take the time to thoughtfully declutter to reduce disorder for weeks or months after.

2. Plan to regularly clean high-use areas or equipment

A deep spring clean provides a fresh start, but regular cleaning is necessary to maintain the cleanliness. Schedule regular cleaning for all high-use areas or equipment, especially workstations. Keyboards, desks and tables are quick to get dirty but fortunately quick to clean. Deep cleaning eases the burden of regular cleaning, just as a quick dusting and tidying every day or two will reduce the need for deep cleaning.

3. Encourage eating away from workstations

Some actions are more dirty than other – eating is one of those activities. Encourage employees to eat in common areas instead of their desk by offering comfortable eating areas. This will assist in less crumbs in workstations and collect food waste in centralized locations.

4. Storage, storage, storage

Improved storage options mean more office objects can have a “permanent” home. This will reduce clutter for the long term and aid in finding items quickly when they are required.

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