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Top trends in activity-based office design

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More workplaces than ever are opting for shared spaces instead of individual cubicles and offices. Activity-based office design splits workplaces up by activities instead of into designated workspaces. Instead of personal offices, there are a mixture of communal areas and private rooms. Activity-based design is continuing to rise in popularity, especially as companies see the benefits in employee productivity and happiness. Here are the top trends to watch for in activity-based office design.

Offices across North America are continuing to transform into open environments to encourage collaboration. In a report released in 2018 by a New York architectural firm, Ted Moudis Associates, it was found that workplaces that promoted activity-based working increased by 14 per cent compared to last year. Digital media and technology companies are more likely to have activity-based workspaces.

There are more spaces assigned to support for employees instead of just working spaces. For example, there is more wellness spaces such as fitness rooms, prayer rooms, nap rooms and game rooms – amenities designed to improve mental and physical wellbeing. Café spaces tend to be consolidated with meeting areas, considering the special connection between meetings and coffee.

The report predicts that spaces will continue to focus on providing options for all employees. There will be more semi-enclosed areas and quiet rooms for focus. Wellness spaces – from coffeeshops to nap rooms – will continue to rise in amount of space they occupy and the amenities they offer. The number of executive suites is expected to continue to drop.

For overall style, there is a move away from formality and into casual offices that don’t seem like they are actually offices. Even as offices move away from cubicles and private offices, it is still imperative to offer quiet rooms and closed-in workstations to allow employees to focus when they need to. Just one big open room is not the solution nor the upcoming trend.

In addition to offering a variety of types of spaces within an office, the furniture itself can improve the wellbeing of employees. Select workstations that are adjustable, such as stand/sit desks or desks on wheels so they can be rolled into the ideal workspace.

As workplaces move towards activity-based design, keep your office ready for a change with new furniture. Choice Office Furniture offers a selection of new and used furniture that can keep your workplace aligned with the latest trends to improve productivity and comfort. 

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