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Tips for a welcoming waiting room

Waiting Room

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First impressions are everything. And that is especially true when visitors and employees first enter the workplace. Focus on creating a welcoming waiting room with these tips to give every employee and guest a warm welcome and reason to return to the office.

1. Make it clear

Every first experience to a new place can be awkward, particularly if it is unclear what the new place is. This is an easy burden to overcome. Use your company’s branding, colours and persona to let everyone know that they entered your workplace.

After guests know where they are, the next step is to let them know what to do. Everyone has a purpose for entering the workplace, so help them know how to achieve this goal with ease and clarity.

A customized whiteboard could be a simple solution to adding your branding while maintaining function. Clarus Glassboards is able to print any color or design on a re-writable glassboard. The Float series of glassboards can be anchored on walls and printed with any logo, pattern or design. From there, write notes, reminders or motivational messages for everyone to see.

2. Make it comfortable

When people enter your workplace, the ideal feeling for them to have is comfort throughout their visit so they are happy to return. That begins from the beginning.

A comfortable waiting room will be the first step in the process. And considering the importance of first impressions, it could be the most important.

The first step to comfort is comfortable seating – soft seating is the perfect option for relaxed, stylish and professional seating for all guests. One series of lounge seating that stands out is the Celebrity series of chairs, couches and ottomans by OFGO. All chairs and couches in the Celebrity series are made from Duratek materials and are optimized for comfort and durability. Guests may not want to leave the waiting room after they have a seat in these couches.

Although waiting rooms often aren’t the first priority to perfect in your workplace, focusing on creating a comfortable and thoughtful space will help guests and employees know where they are, know what to do, and be comfortable while they wait.   

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