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Innovating the classic whiteboard


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As humble as whiteboards seem to be, they are one of the types of office furniture that have experienced considerable innovation and creativity over the past few years. We are carrying a new whiteboard that is a prime example of modernisation and pioneering design.

The Flip glassboard is a customizable board that goes from acoustic panel to writing space with a single flip. Hang a single Flip in your personal office for an impromptu mind mapping session and then hide your notes when there are visitors. Or hang multiple Flip glassboards in a series in meeting areas and board rooms.

When not in use, Flip glassboard can be flipped to their acoustic panel side. The slim panels are made from 100% recycled materials and can absorb up to 85% of office noise. With soft materials, conventional tacks can hang papers and objects onto the acoustic panels. To match any type of office, the acoustic panels are available in 15 different colors (from bland to bright) and 5 different textures.

The glassboard side is also completely customizable. Select a traditional whiteboard color or go with an accent or design that matches your brand. Flip glassboards come in over 150 standard colors, and Claris is able to color match or print any graphic in full color onto a glassboard. The surface doesn’t stain (even from permanent markers) and a magnetic finish is available.

The Flip is 4 feet tall and about 2 feet wide – enough space for organizing notes and ideas. Any number of Flip glassboards can be arranged side-by-side to add both a white board and sound damper to any room.

Clarus designs and manufactures a variety of innovative glassboards. We also carry the Go! Series – mobile glassboards that can be rolled from room to room. The Float and Depth are the most traditional styles, but with nearly unlimited color options they are far from conventional. For more multi-functional glassboards, the Clarus Furniture Glass can be installed as desk partitions or even on the surface of desks and tables.

Communicating ideas by writing them on a wall is a tried and true practice. The Flip series of glassboards is the modern take on old technology. By swapping from an acoustic panel to a glassboard, the Flip series are truly dual purpose. Flip one for yourself at our Calgary new and used furniture showroom.

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