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How to streamline office renovations

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Reinvigorating an office through renovations brings opportunities to improve productivity and comfort with innovative office designs and updated spaces. But the process itself can be enough of a burden to put off any office renovation – even small ones. For your next office renovation, streamline the process by planning around your office furniture. This will let employees work up to and right after the renovation.

Renovations are easiest when spaces are as close to empty as possible. Contractors have the space to complete their work without interferences and without damaging furniture. Removing office furniture will also help keep the items clean – especially chairs, couches and other items covered in fabric.

With Choice Office Furniture, you can arrange convenient moving and delivery so you can forget about that task. Our professional movers can work around your schedule and coordinate the move at an optimal time. Get a free quote for our moving services.

We offer both short-term and long-term storage options. In addition, we have furniture available to rent for a short period. No matter your scenario, you can store, move and rent furniture on a short-term basis to keep everyone working while your office space is being updated.

Renovations are often accompanied with new furniture. It makes sense to update your furniture when you update your space – you can select the optimal items to furnish the new space. At Choice, we are a one-stop shop for furniture moving, storage and delivery. Together you can receive your old and new furniture to the new space. Best of all, we can assist you in installing the furniture to get the renovated office up and running as quick as possible.

There are many steps to office renovations – many of which are difficult to control. With all the tasks that must be organized, the small things may be forgotten. One small detail is office furniture. Arranging for moving, storage and delivery of your office furniture ensures you can keep working up to the start of a renovation and as soon as the renovation is completed.

If you’re planning an office renovation, streamline the process by getting convenient and prompt moving, storage and delivery. Contact us for a free quote

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