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Sustainability through office furniture


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Make your workplace more environmentally friendly through your office furniture. Selecting office furniture that is manufactured with sustainable practices and choosing used furniture will reduce the environmental footprint of your workplace. Here are four tips to improve the sustainability of your workplace.

1. Prioritize sustainability

To promote sustainable decisions, workplaces can make sustainability a priority through informal or formal policies. Adopting sustainability or environmental management policies encourage consideration for environmentally friendly purchasing choices. Formal policies aren’t necessary to make decisions for sustainability, but they encourage it throughout all departments and for all size and types of projects.

2. Consider used furniture

The best way to reduce your workplaces environmental footprint is selecting used furniture. Not only is this an excellent decision to save money, but it will ensure that quality used office furniture remains out of landfills and is in use until the end of its lifespan. Office furniture is designed for heavy use over many years but many items of furniture are discarded before they are worn out. We are the Calgary leader in used office furniture – come visit our Calgary used office furniture showroom to view collections of quality used furniture to make your office more environmentally friendly.

3. Look for certifications

Modern furniture manufacturers do an excellent job in designing and creating furniture that has a reduced impact on the Earth. You can quickly find more sustainable furniture by looking for LEED certified furniture. This certification takes into account the materials, process and facility where office furniture is created, encouraging energy efficiency, reduced emissions and recyclable products.

4. Research manufacturers

Determine the sustainability of products by researching the manufacturers. Most office furniture companies have sustainability policies in place to ensure all aspects of their business are friendlier to the environment. If you don’t know what brands are good, send us a message or come chat to one of our furniture professionals at the Calgary furniture showroom. We are happy to help you find the perfect furniture for your needs – especially if you’re looking for sustainable office furniture.

A major trend in office furniture is the continuous improvement in sustainable practices and products. Selecting used or environmentally friendly furniture is a simple way to improve the sustainability of your entire workplace.

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