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Smart ergonomics – Humanscale Office IQ


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The most innovation in office furniture can be seen in ergonomic furniture. Manufacturers are designing and manufacturing affordable ergonomic solutions that keep workers healthy, happy and productive. Humanscale is a leader in office ergonomics and they have once again introduced a revolutionary product to get workers moving while working: the Office IQ.

The Office IQ is a simple sensor attachment for Humanscale’s existing sit/stand desk: the Quickstand height-adjustable workstation. By attaching the Office IQ to the Quickstand desk, employers and workers can view the details of their work habits and improve their everyday actions to work longer with less strain.

By providing insight into day-to-day habits, the Office IQ is incredibly effective in improving ergonomics. Humanscale studied workplaces with and without the Office IQ and discovered that the simple device encouraged workers to stand 5x more than workers without the Office IQ. And workers with the Office IQ moved 10x more than workers without it.

The Office IQ works by sensing the movement of the Quickstand desk and determining when a worker is stationary or moving around. This data can be viewed by the worker or the employer to assist in making decisions that improve activity throughout the day. The Office IQ can even send reminders to sit or stand directly to mobile devices.

Although the Office IQ is the perfect inspiration for any worker to be more active and healthy while working, the device can contribute to effective workplace wellness strategies. Linking Office IQs throughout a workplace will show what rooms or departments have the best (or worst) ergonomic habits, and the information can assist in improving ergonomics for every worker (even if their workstations do not have an Office IQ).

Innovation is allowing our offices to become more productive without comprising health and comfort. The Office IQ is the latest innovation in smart ergonomics that is the perfect complement to sit/stand desks.

If you don’t already have a sit/stand desk, there are many options for attachments or complete desks to get standing into the daily routine. View our ergonomic products online or stop by our Calgary furniture showroom to test out the products for yourself. 

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