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Three main types of space management

Space Management

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Designing the layout of a workplace requires comprehensive attention for the needs of all staff and guests. This is a huge undertaking but breaking down the design to types of spaces can simplify the process. Use space management techniques to divide a workspace based on physical, visual and sound regions.

Space management is an approach that considers how a space is or will be used. It reduces a room to the basics and reintegrates furniture to optimize productivity, comfort and collaboration. Let’s take a look at the main types of spaces.


This is the most tangible space to imagine. A workplace needs to be physically divided into regions for different usages. Even open offices have partitions, dividers and other permanent and temporary separations to break up the space based on use.


Some spaces require furniture that focuses visual sightlines and reduces distractions. Divide a space up based on what you want occupants to see. In addition, maximize lighting (both natural and artificial) by avoiding blocking lighting sources and use opaque barriers that allow light to pass through.


Noises are a common annoyance among colleagues because sound is difficult to trap in open offices or collaborative environments. Divide a workplace based on common sounds or between loud and quiet areas to reduce annoyances. Meeting rooms should offer excellent acoustics and focus spaces should be dampening.

Workplaces are dynamic environments with changing needs. As businesses grow, shrink and evolve, the physical spaces should also. To accommodate regular changes while keeping in mind effective space management, select office furniture that can move or adapt to changing needs. This can be achieved with modern benching and panel systems, which can be configured into private or open layouts.

Space planning is a complex process that considers current and future needs for all employees and guests. It can be helpful to visualize different layouts and the impacts to the physical, visual and acoustic spaces through design software. Our designers are equipped with CAD design software that digitally transforms spaces to provide designs and images of layouts. We are happy to help plan for an office that is productive and comfortable. 

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