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The nuts and bolts of professional furniture installation

Furniture Installation

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Furniture installation and calibration is the essential step between purchase and use. Often it is the stage that is forgotten and ends up consuming valuable time. Our professional furniture installers are here to let you completely forget about this important step. If you purchase new or used furniture from Choice Office Furniture, let us help you take it from our showroom and incorporate it into your workplace.

Setting up furniture is similar to cooking. Anybody can do it, but professionals do it faster, better and safer. Considering the time you save and peace of mind that the food is safely prepared, going to a restaurant is well worth the value. Cooks have the equipment, expertise and passion to create final dishes that are exciting and safe to eat.

Our furniture installers will save you time. And in a workplace, lost time is lost money. They can deliver, set up, install and leave your office without any sign they were there – except of course for the new furniture. There is no need to delegate staff to set up and install the furniture, and you get peace of mind knowing the furniture was properly installed. With professional installation, the furniture is more likely to last beyond its expected lifespan.

With specialized tools, Choice’s furniture installers can complete the setup in the least amount of time. Our tools are designed for modern furniture – where screws sometimes are inaccessible from traditional tools and extra care must be taken to preserve the finish.

We have installed countless pieces of furniture in a diverse range of workplaces. Contract office furniture is designed to be long lasting and sturdy throughout all types of use, and that means some items are more complex to put together. But don’t fret – our professional installers have installed all our furniture.

Best of all, installation is paired well with our delivery services. Schedule delivery and installation on the same day and get your office up and running in the shortest time possible. And expect convenient timing, because we will fit delivery and installation around your schedule.

Learn more about our professional installation services online or discuss our many delivery and installation options while exploring modern office furniture in our Calgary showroom. 

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