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Instantly improve your desk’s ergonomics with a keyboard tray

Keyboard Tray

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When you are comfortable, you do better work. That is the simple but powerful value of ergonomics. Few people would argue against improving ergonomics in the workplace, but the challenge is finding ergonomic solutions that meet the demands of your workplace and budget. Here is a cost-effective accessory to instantly improve your desk’s ergonomics – a keyboard tray.

Keyboard trays are the simple attachments that adjust the placement and height of the keyboard and mouse. Although they are modest in design, they are boasting with benefits.

Most notably, keyboard trays keep your arms, wrists and hands in the optimal position compared to your office chair and computer. Trays allow for adjustments to the height of the keyboard and mouse in addition to the distance from the body. These subtle modifications to the position of the keyboard and mouse make a significant difference in long-term comfort, and it can even assist in the prevention of repetitive motion stress injuries like carpal tunnel syndrome. For any worker that depends on typing and mouse movements (which is the clear majority of modern workers), discomfort when using a computer is a hindrance.

Keyboard trays also contribute to increased productivity by freeing space on the surface of the desk. By moving the keyboard, mouse and mousepad to beneath the desk, the additional desk space can be used for documents, tablets, phones or other functional electronics.

Choice Office Furniture carries both simple and complex keyboard stands to match your desk and preferences. For a simple keyboard station, look into the Keyboard Systems by Humanscale – a leader in ergonomic furniture. The keyboard tray features an articulating keyboard system for maximum adjustments.

Keyboard stands can also be used to raise the keyboard above the desk for sit-stand configurations. Also by Humanscale, the Quickstand Lite has an adjustable keyboard holder and monitor platform.

For keyboard trays on a budget, we often have used keyboards trays in stock. Check out our current selection of new and used keyboard trays.

Looking for more ergonomic accessories that will give your body a break but won’t break the bank? See our blog post about economic ergonomic accessories

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