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Why wood is perfect for the office

Wood Furniture

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As office furniture becomes modernized with innovative designs and state-of-the-art materials, the continued creation of wooden furniture demonstrates that wood will forever be timeless. Wood is respected for good reason – wooden furniture is strong, sustainable and adds a sense of nature to any environment. Here are more reasons you should select wood for your office furniture.

Wood has been the go-to material for furniture ever since a fallen tree was used as a place to sit. It is a solid material that can be cut and formed into many shapes with relative ease. Once the wood is made into furniture, it has a lifetime of decades and the potential to be reformed, repainted or refinished.

Wood’s notable lifetime is a result of its easy maintenance. Unlike metal, wood doesn’t rust. Unlike plastic, wood doesn’t discolor or warp with ambient light. And if a piece of wood does get dinged or damaged, a quick sand and refinishing will bring the furniture back to pristine condition.

As a natural and renewable resource, wood is one of the most sustainable furniture materials. After a tree is harvested for wood, a new tree can grow in its place. Trees can capture carbon, so selecting wood as a material can contribute to reducing climate change.

In addition to wood’s pragmatic benefits, it also adds a natural elegance. In many workplaces, wood furniture is the only direct connection to nature.

All these benefits can be found in modern wooden office furniture – and the furniture will be contemporary, sophisticated and functional. For example, the Butterfly Series chairs by Trendway combine craftsman style with modern charm. The chairs feature a wooden seat made from Scandinavian oak, beech or maple. With exemplary lumbar support, these simple and elegant chairs are just as good to use as they are to look at.

Another innovative wooden furniture by Trendway is the 8000 series of stools and chairs. Using molded wood and no visible screws or dowels, this series of seating are simple but could fit in noteworthy places like museums.

When you think of wood, consider all the benefits – from durability to sustainability – and add on modern charm and elegance. That is why wood is perfect for the office.

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