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Manufacturer spotlight: LDF Furniture

LDF Furniture

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At its core, office furniture is designed to support the day-to-day tasks of an office without intruding. This is exactly what all LDF Furniture products do. With clean designs and classic wood finishes, the tables and desks designed by LDF Furniture can integrate into a workplace and become tools for employees to collaborate and complete their tasks. LDF Furniture is a great example of modern manufacturers balancing function, form and budgets.

LDF Furniture creates tables and desks that are suitable for all types of offices – from home to large corporate environments. They are a Canadian company, operating out of offices just north of Toronto, Canada. With designs suitable for all office types and a variety of finishes, we recommend LDF Furniture products for quality contract furniture at good prices.

A prime example of LDF Furniture’s eye for classic and functional designs is their boardroom tables. The 3300 Series showcases how LDF’s simple styles are both timeless and eye-catching. With multiple options for shape (including boat, racetrack or rectangular tops) and laminates, these boardrooms tables can fit into any size boardroom. For further customization, the base can match the tabletop or come in a matte black finish.

Another series of tables by LDF we carry is the 4400 Series. These boardroom tables feature V-shaped legs – a spin on classic straight or metal legs. This innovative modification showcases LDF Furniture’s ability to revamp traditional designs into tables that are straightforward, elegant and can integrate into any office.

LDF Furniture is flexible to create products that meet your specific needs. For example, their square and round tables can be outfitted with various bases, finishes and corners. The result are tables that fit into your workplace and add value without standing out.

As a quality furniture manufacturer, LDF Furniture creates products that last for years of heavy use. Expect to see both new and used LDF Furniture products when you visit our new and used office showroom in Calgary – there are often quality used LDF Furniture tables in our used furniture inventory. This is a testament to their practical design and superior build. See all LDF Furniture products we currently carry.

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