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Go beyond the desk and chair with ancillary furniture

Ancillary Furniture

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When it comes to office furniture, the classic desk and chair is what usually comes to mind. But there are many more pieces of furniture that contribute to an inspiring and fruitful workplace. Furniture can contribute to collaboration, inspiration and a sense of community – all important features of an effective office. Ancillary furniture provides spaces for formal and informal meetings and creates a more dynamic and inviting workplace.

Ancillary office furniture are products that aren’t necessary in a traditional workstation but contribute to making workplaces more appealing and suitable for collaboration. A few examples include comfortable couches, soft seating, coffee tables and anything else that furnishes the office beyond workstations and storage units.

To get a better understanding at ancillary furniture, let’s look at the definition of ancillary: “Providing necessary support to the primary activities or operation of an organization.”

Even though ancillary furniture is considered extras within a workplace, it can be a “necessary support” for all day-to-day actions. Here are some popular ancillary products that we carry and how they can improve your workplace.

Everybody needs a place to sit – from employees to special guests. Multi-use seating are perfect ancillary products because they can be used in a variety of settings – many uses just from one chair. The Freelance series of chairs by SitOnIt Seating is a classic multi-use chair with options for arms (with or without), seats (plastic or upholstered) and legs (sled base or four legs). Use the chair for extra seating for employees in the lunchroom, or use in a private office for comfortable guest seating.

Another series of versatile seating is the Butterfly series by Trendway. These wooden chairs are distinct in their finishes and design – perfect as an eye-catching addition to any workplace without compromising comfort.

Soft seating can make public spaces more comfortable to lounge and gather. Informal meeting spaces can create unique opportunities for creativity, inspiration and simply getting to know colleagues better. By OFGO, the Holiday lounge seating series is funky, fun and relaxed. The lounge seating comes in a variety of different components that can be rearranged according to the current needs and design of an office.

Ancillary office furniture may be overlooked compared to desks and chairs, but adding supplementary furniture goes a long way to improve collaboration and comfort throughout the office.

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