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The complete cost of productivity


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Time is money. Improving the productivity of a workplace has tangible benefits to the bottom line and office furniture can minimize distractions to keep employees focused and motivated.

Interruptions at work are not an insignificant expense. In fact, it is estimated that office interruptions account for $588 billion per year in the United States. The types of interruptions include active (where a worker chooses to be interrupted) and passive (when emails, calls or messages cause a worker to be interrupted). Considering the dominance of mobile and computer technology, passive distractions are increasingly common and becoming unavoidable.

Most of the time, employees don’t realize they are being interrupted or that there is a cost to the distractions. Here are some tips to improving productivity by minimizing interruptions:

  • -Devote specific times of the day to specific tasks and prevent as many distractions and interruptions as possible.
  • -Complete as many tasks of the same type together as possible, such as completing all emails at once and then moving onto approving documents next.
  • -Allocate all time in a day into tasks.

Every employee is different and can maximize their productivity under different circumstances. The key to minimizing interruptions is having an office that is balanced between focus and collaboration. To improve flexibility, select office furniture that is mobile and adaptable. Here are some of our favourite series of office furniture that can assist your workers in reducing interruptions.

Benching systems of desks and storage solutions are always an excellent choice for modern workplaces. The Confer system by Trendway has built-in power and data connection and privacy screens so all workers can have a place to focus. And then with relative ease, desk and panels can be rearranged when an office expands or shrinks. Every worker can find a place that is suitable for their working habits.

Mobile privacy dividers are a great option to create semi-secluded spaces to reduce noise, light or physical distractions. The WAVEwall by LOFTwall is particularly unique – it creates a physical barrier while allowing light and air to pass to create a secluded by not isolating space.

Selecting the right office furniture for your workplace can reduce distractions. As a result, your workplace can reduce the unwanted costs of interruptions.

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DeskMakers 3 Person Workstation


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