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Office design trends to expect in 2018

Office Trends

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With 2018 around the corner, it is a great time to look into the future of office design. The upcoming year is expected to carry on the common trends we witnessed in 2017, with even more focus on collaboration and comfort. Here is what to expect in office furniture design in 2018.

Working together

Mobile commuting and conference call technologies are making it easier every year to get work done from anywhere. Home offices are becoming more common as companies see the benefit in their employees working without the hassle of a commute.

Despite the rise of home-based workplaces, the value of in-person connections is becoming more apparent. Employees can improve their productivity and interest in their work by surrounding themselves with like-minded individuals. As mobile technology will continue to give workers more options for where they can work, there will also be a rise in cooperative workspaces in 2018.

Companies will ensure their workplaces have unassigned workstations and meeting areas to encourage employees and guests to find a comfortable space in the office. Privacy dividers, such as the FlexWALL, can be used to create adaptive spaces that promote cooperation but maintain some privacy.

Co-working spaces will continue to become more common and offer amenities dedicated to telecommuting. With a dual focus on privacy and cooperation with individuals from all backgrounds, co-working spaces are the essence of modern workplace values.

Healthy workplaces

Companies and employees are all recognizing the importance of wellness in the workplace on happiness, productivity and quality work. There are many approaches to improving working wellness, but they all have the same goal: make employees happier.

The key to improving workplace wellness is giving employees the choice to select activities that suit their interests. This can be as simple as offering an ergonomic furniture program or perks for wellness activities. In 2018, expect to rise of a wide variety of wellness amenities and incentives.

Activity-based planning

Improving productivity is an ongoing task. Although every employee has a different approach to productivity, there are new technologies and methods that develop every year.

One productivity method that has become more common in 2017 and expect to continue in 2018 is activity-based planning. Instead of basing daily tasks by project, this method groups tasks by their type. To be effective, this type of planning for individuals and groups requires organization.

The Go! series of mobile boards by Clarus Glassboards can be moved around the office to carry ideas and tasks from room to room. Use a glassboard to organize and showcase all tasks by activity to make your productivity planning more effective.

As we prepare for 2018, Choice Office Furniture wishes our customers and their families a safe and productive New Year!

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