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Step-by-step guide to leasing furniture

Lease Finance

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Leasing office furniture gives you flexibility to select and pay for furniture around your budget and your unique needs. Choice Office Furniture is proud to offer Calgarians and Albertans with leasing options for all types of new and used office furniture. Best of all – it is not a complex process to select and lease furniture.

When your office is in need of furniture, begin the search at Choice Office Furniture. Find the used and new furniture that your office needs and then we can figure out the best payment options for your budget. Either explore the products on our online catalogue or visit the Calgary used and new office furniture showroom. Our office design experts will be happy to guide you through the latest office furniture.

There are many benefits to leasing office furniture, such as getting your office functioning quickly and without a significant capital expense. Companies are choosing to lease furniture to keep lines of credit available for emergencies or other workplace necessitates, and leasing can take advantage of sales tax deferrals, reduce tax liabilities and off-balance sheet accounting. Simply put – leasing your furniture gets your office going with little capital and predictable monthly expenses.

Best of all, leasing furniture is not any more difficult than purchasing furniture. Here is how to get started leasing furniture from Choice Office Furniture.

1. Determine what furniture you need

The first step is making a list of the furniture your office will need. For small workplaces, this list can be simple and easy to figure out. If your office is large or unconventional, remembering all the desks, chairs and accessories can be more challenging. Choice’s professional office space designers are here to help. Let us know the size, style and type of workplace, and we would be happy to create a list of your furniture needs.

2. Get approved for your lease

When you have an idea on how much furniture you require, complete the Choice Leasing Quotation Calculator to apply for preapproval of the lease. The form is quick and will give you an instant quote. We are also happy to offer you a quote over the phone or in-person. Give us a call at 403-730-9922 or visit the Choice furniture showroom to discuss lease options and quotes.

3. Select your furniture

This is the fun step. Choose the furniture from our new and used furniture selection, or discuss your office’s needs with our furniture space designers to get recommendations that suit your space and budget. Find the furniture that is perfect for your workplace.

4. Deliver and set up the furniture

Don’t worry – we will make delivery and installation a breeze. Our professional furniture movers and technicians can deliver the furniture to your workplace and quickly setup and install the furniture. Let us take care of this step so you can get working as soon as possible.

If you have questions about leasing furniture, send us a message today!

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