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Choosing fabrics for office seating

Seating Textiles

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With extensive customizations for fabrics and colors, there are opportunities to match your furniture with the design and style of your office. The one downside of the range of custom fabrics is deciding what fabric is the best choice for your needs. Here is a quick overview of the most common office seating fabrics and how to choose the best fabric for your chairs.

Leather and faux leather are the traditional fabrics for heavily used office furniture, including office chairs. They are the go-to fabric because they can be easily cleaned and resist ongoing wear and tear. Faux leather tends to have lower costs, and it now looks nearly identically to is real counterparts. Choose softer leather and faux leather, as these types of fabrics will tend to not crack and will offer a comfortable chair. These Wall Street Arm Chairs are made with faux leather and are easy to clean and designed to withstand heavy use for years.

Similar to faux leather, vinyl materials are soft, flexible and can also withstand regular use. Vinyl may show signs of heavy use quicker than leather, but modern vinyl demonstrates longevity and extensive customization. With many options for colors, vinyl chairs can match your office’s style – including vibrant or traditional. Here is a classic arm chair by Office Star Products that is made from vinyl and offers a refined look.

Another popular chair fabric is mesh. To allow breathability, flexibility and comfort, mesh is a lightweight option that is becoming more common – especially in the backs of chairs. The Maxx office chair is a classic adjustable office chair with a mesh back designed to improve breathability and comfort. It is common for mesh backs to be paired with vinyl or fabric seats. This combination is excellent for long-lasting seating on all types of budgets. The VeraFlex chair offers all the adjustments expected in modern seating with fun colors for the seat and back.

With so many options for fabrics, it can be a challenge deciding on what is best for your workplace. Modern contract furniture is designed to withstand heavy use, so even less resilient fabrics can be expected to go beyond your daily needs. We suggest selecting fabrics that are comfortable and add interest to your workplace. The Trendway Sketch series of chairs are excellent for all uses, including in the conference room and at workstations. The seating comes in dozens of fabric and color options – select the design that sticks out to you and adds a unique touch to your workplace. 

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