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Manufacturer spotlight – LOFTwall


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Through inventive and elegant designs, a Texas furniture manufacturer is redefining privacy dividers. LOFTwall creates dividers and partitions for both workplaces and homes, using innovative designs to manage space and selectively control sound, light and distractions.

LOFTwall was founded in 2008 in Dallas, Texas with a simple goal: create privacy dividers to improve productivity while contributing to an elegant and streamlined workplace. Their products speak for themselves.

The FRAMEwall is the most traditional product by LOFTwall, although the range of customizations makes the FRAMEwall far from traditional. With both translucent and opaque panel options, the FRAMEwall series can be customized to maximize natural light while creating separate spaces. The freestanding panels can be easily moved, or multiple dividers can be connected to form adaptable private spaces.

Customize the FRAMEwall with solid color panels, translucent panels, laminate or fabric finishes. Frames can also be customized with matte and glossy finishes in white, silver and black. There are also wood finishes available for the frames. See all colors that LOFTwall offers.

LOFTwall’s innovative products truly demonstrate the company’s ability for striking designs combined with function. The FLEX series features curved dividers that can be combined to form waves or circles. With fabric panels, the FLEX series absorbs environmental sounds and notes and documents can be tacked onto the fabric.

Dividing spaces is not only useful to control sound and light, but dividers can create functional environments that promote collaboration. The WEBwall is a great example – this divider lets light and sound pass, but it divides physical space to create subsections within an open area. Use the WEBwall in lobbies, collaborative spaces or common areas to create functional environments.

Another unique product by LOFTwall is the WAVEwall. This visual barrier still allows some ambient light to pass through, but it minimizes visual sightlines and sound.

LOFTwall’s products are incredibly customizable. Not only can colors and materials be selected, but also the width and height of the divider. Custom privacy dividers maximize functional space while minimizing disturbances. To get started with custom LOFTwall products, visit the Choice Office Furniture showroom or contact us with the details of your workplace. We can work together to create a productive and beautiful space. 

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