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How to make your office mobile friendly

Mobile Friendly Office

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Although the new iPhone may have your office distracted, there is no argument that smartphones have contributed to a more prolific workplace. Now nearly every employee has a smartphone, and there are also tablets, laptops and desktop computers that are all connected.

Mobile technology is here to stay. Over 60% of Canadians had a smartphone, and over three-quarters of cell phone users opt for the mini-computer-you-can-fit-in-your-pocket.

The fastest way to shut down an office is to turn off the Internet connection. Business will grind to a halt. Slow network connections can also have a big impact, so it is necessary to ensure your office is friendly to all mobile users.

Plan for mobile access

Office planning tends to focus on light, sound and the workflow of the office. Be sure to also consider mobile connectivity.

Wireless routers and access points are a key piece of infrastructure in the office. Not only it is vital to have a great IT team, but it is necessary to plan the office around the access points. This will ensure employees are within range of wireless access and there are no major disturbances or obstructions. Consider the materials and furniture that surround access points so they will be as effective as possible.

Power is important

A dead device is a useless device. Easy access to power makes it secure and quick to charge any electronics. This can be done by adding power outlets all over the office and not just in the walls. If you’re considering in-floor power, try out the Trendway Flooring system. Or if you want accessible power access at every workstation, go with a modern benching system like the Solo system by Links Contract Furniture – it offers customizable power and data ports.

Need more space for your tech?

If your desk is running out of room to hold your tablet, there is a simple solution. The Tech Tray by Humanscale is a simple table attachment for all types of technology. Hold your laptop or stow your phone on this minimal metal tray.

Keeping up with mobile technology requires constant effort, but modern office furniture will continue to make it easier. 

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