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Manufacturer spotlight: Clarus Glassboards


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Glassboards are the most eye-catching yet functional pieces of office furniture that we have in our Calgary office furniture showroom. And they can be equally as distinctive in any office.

Like whiteboards, glassboards can be drawn on with temporary markers and are an essential organization tool for individuals and groups. Unlike whiteboards, glassboards are sophisticated and are designed to be integrated in modern workplaces. They are far from the whiteboards you may remember from your school days.

Clarus Glassboards designs and manufacturers a range of glassboards and architectural glass walls at their facility in Texas. As a relatively new furniture company (they began in 2009 to create glassboards), Clarus has found success in offering a product that is functional, elegant and is a useful tool in corporate, education and healthcare environments.

With extensive customization, Clarus manufacturers glass that is more than an accessory in a room. Their products are architectural centrepieces. Custom shapes, colour and printing means Clarus can create the perfect piece of glassware – for a single room or an entire office. They can even print your logo directly on the glass, and the glassboards are magnetic so you can easily pin up notes, posters and presentations. Clarus guarantees their products have a lifetime that will exceed the walls around it, and they will not fade, ghost or stain.

Choice Office Furniture carries a range of the Clarus products, and our friendly staff are happy to help order the glassware that perfectly suits your style and needs. Here are a few of our favourite Clarus products.

The Go! Series by Clarus are reimagined whiteboards with portability and endless style options. There are 15 standard colours and nearly unlimited custom colours available for these mobile glassboards. The Go! Series can be rolled to meeting or workstations whenever the need for a whiteboard arises, and they can be nested together when not in use.

For a more permanent glassware option, Clarus creates custom furniture glass for desks, walls and partitions. Not only does the glass divide space and block noise, but they can be drawn on and easily erased. It is a two-in-one-combo – wall and whiteboard!

Clarus also does custom printing to add on any branding or more functional designs. One excellent use is in the healthcare industry, where the glassboards can be used to display names and other information.

Clarus Glassboards creates products that are just as noticeable as they are useful. Learn more at our Calgary office furniture showroom.

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