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Enhance morale through office furniture

Employee Morale

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A happy worker is a good worker. And a comfortable worker is a happy worker.

Although an extremely simplified equation, it still goes to show that functional and elegant furniture can improve the morale of the employees in your workplace. Here are some tips to maximize your furniture investment for productivity, creativity and comfort.

1 – Choose ergonomic furniture

The purpose of ergonomic office furniture is to reduce strain after long periods of use and improve comfort throughout (and beyond) the workday. This means employees can work longer and not feel uncomfortable. When workers are uncomfortable, morale around the workplace falls.

Ergonomic furniture now comes in all types, shapes and sizes. It is no longer purely a functional type of furniture; ergonomic furniture is designed to be long lasting and stylish. The selection of ergonomic furniture at Choice Office Furniture is always expanding, and we expect this trend not to slow down. We carry all types of ergonomic furniture, from sit/stand desks to computer mouses.

2 – Offer options for workspaces, from private to shared

There is no one-stop shop for products that improve employee morale (except perhaps for a good bakery). Everyone is different and has their own preferences for working styles. Some like to work alone while others thrive in groups. A thoughtful approach to office design gives employees opportunities to collaborate when they want and private moments when they need to focus.

The best way to improve morale is give employees the freedom to work in their best environment. Set up your workspace with a benching system of desks, panels and storage pieces that can be adjusted to best suit the needs of your current employees. And don’t forget to add comfortable lounges and shared workspaces for informal meetings or coffee breaks. Give your employees the choice to work at their best.

3 – Back to the basics with light, sound and art

A sterile office has its place – for technical facilities and healthcare environments – but not in the majority of workplaces. A natural approach to light, sound and decorations makes the office feel inviting and warm.

You don’t need to be an interior designer to create the perfect space. Choose furniture that maximizes ambient light while minimizing sound. And then liven the workplace with plants, task lighting and art.

Choice is proud to carry local art from Airdrie artists. Their paintings come in a variety of sizes and styles, so you can easily find a standout piece of artwork for your office.

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DeskMakers 3 Person Workstation


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