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Ease office transitions with change management

Change Management

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Change can be daunting. Are you considering updating your office furniture or moving your workplace to a different location? A smooth transition ensures your employees remain comfortable, productive and excited for change.

Follow these tips and follow a change management approach for your next office furniture update.

1 – Ask for input

Your staff know what works best for them. Ask them (informally through conversations or formally through surveys) what they would like to see from furniture updates. Collect the information and analyze for trends. If your employees prefer different approaches to office furniture, consider a flexible arrangement of mobile and adaptable benching systems. A thorough consultation process ensures all staff can share their input.

2 – Create a plan

People are most comfortable doing what they know. A change to the daily routine can leave employees cautious and hesitant to perform their jobs. The first step to effective change management is create a plan for preparation, implementation and review of any changes. If you are updating the workstation furniture, create a plan with a detailed timeline and thorough information so all employees know what to expect.

3 – Inform everyone

Don’t leave anybody out. Let all employees know at the same time what the plan is and how they can contribute (whether by providing input or participating on meetings and committees). Share the plan and consultations results so all employees are on the same page.

4 – Implement the plan

Follow the plan so there are no surprises for anyone. Depending on the extent of change, it may be helpful to work with office movers and project managers. Choice Office Furniture is happy to offer comprehensive project management for furniture upgrading and moving. We can guide your office to ensure the change is quick and easy for all employees. This means you get the benefits of an upgraded space without the hassle of a complex change.

5 – Welcome everyone to the new space

Keep the excitement flowing by celebrating the furniture or office updates. Even a simple welcome letter will let all employees know their flexibility and assistance throughout the change was appreciated.

Choice hopes that all your office furniture updates go smoothly – just let us know how we can help out.

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