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Declutter your desk with the Humanscale M/Connect docking station


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A revolutionary docking station will transform your desk from a mess of cables into an organized workspace with no-fuss port access.

The M/Connect docking station by Humanscale serves as both a dock for computer peripherals and a monitor stand. Designed for ease of use, security and elegance, this dock is like no other and is perfect for personal desks, shared workstations, conference rooms and even public computer stations.

M/Connect combines two functional accessories: a standalone USB dock with an attachable monitor stand. The base of the monitor stand includes three USB ports, a headphone/mic jack and one USB 3 port for fast connections to a computer or laptop. With DVI or HDMI connections, M/Connect supports up to three external monitors.

Clamps connect the M/Connect to a desk or table, and there are three more USB ports and network connections concealed in the bottom section of the mount. The allows the power, data and auxiliary cables to be hidden yet always in reach.

Since the dock is incorporated into the secure monitor mount, there is no chance the dock can be accidently removed – whether on purpose or by mistake. The M/Connect can be used in private and public spaces, making the workstation clean and ready for new connections.

The M/Connect comes in three colour options: silver with gray trim and cables, black with black trim and cables, and polished aluminum with white trim and cables. Optional cable covers can be mounted on the underside of the mount to contain and hide data, power and auxiliary cables.

As a unique concept, the designers at Humanscale were motivated to create a workstation accessory that improved connectivity and security, all while keeping workstations clear of cables.

M/Connect is perfect for one to three monitors, and it can connect to a desktop or laptop. Use in a home office where space is limited, or try the M/Connect in a flex workstation that is used by different employees or guests throughout the day. The M/Connect is secure and can be used in public areas, such as for self-serve kiosks. With a sleek and modern design, the M/Connect lets users focus on their tasks instead of the technology.

Visit the Choice Office Furniture showroom to see the M/Connect in person today!

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