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Colours have a direct impact on an individual’s mood and comfort, meaning that the colour you select for your office furniture can have an impact on productivity. Select the right colours for your office to increase your employees’ output and comfort.

Although not always obvious, colours have the potential to impact perceptions. And this impact can have amazing results. For example, lights on a train platform in Japan were changed to a shade of blue. This small change reduced the number of suicide attempts on the platform. In Scotland, neighbourhoods that changed their streetlamps to a warmer shade of blue have experienced reduced crime in the regions.

While the goal of colour in the office isn’t to reduce suicides or crime, a thoughtful approach to colour can improve comfort in the workplace.

Colours have an impact on our mood due to a variety of reasons. The influences of cultural, social and personal experiences all create unique connections between our feeling and the colours we see. Although everyone has a different response to the same colour, societal trends have instilled a general response for many colours. For example, red gives the feelings of love and lust. Blue, on the other hand, conducts the perceptions of comfort.

Here is a quick overview of the moods that colours tend to create:

-Blue: calming and productive

-Red: energize and passion

-Yellow: optimism and creativity

-Grey: sophistication and elegance

-Green: relaxing and concentration

-Orange: endurance and vitality

-Black: serious and formal

Each colour has a place in the office. Knowing this, you can infuse the right mood into the right rooms. Choose bright and bold colours in casual meeting areas to inspire employees. Blue and green in workspaces encourages focus. In the areas you meet with guests and clients, try shades of grey and black for a professional vibe.

To infuse colour into the office, paint is only one aspect. Colourful furniture is ideal because you can easily move furniture to change the mood in a room. Here are furniture collections we carry that offer a far-reaching range of colour options.

Soft seating is a great choice for vibrant and fun colours. The Liberty series by OFGO features bold patterns in both muted and gallant themes.

To go along with the soft seating, the PanelX benching system by OFGO includes desks, panels and storage sections with options for colourful finishes and fabrics. And as a benching system, the PanelX system can be easily reconfigured and moved to adapt the setup and moods.

Add some splash of colour today. Come by our Calgary used and new office furniture showroom.

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