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How to design an office entryway


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As the gateway into your office, the main entryway is an opportunity to showcase your company’s values while inspiring everyone – from staff to guests – who enters your workplace. Selecting a design that reflects the company culture and adding comfortable yet useful furniture will leave a lasting impression.

Here are some tips to spruce up your entryway to be inviting while being practical for guests and staff.

The design goal is to bring your company’s values to life. This can be done by selecting the key values you want your employees and guests to think of when they enter your office and choosing paint colours to match that mood. From professional to casual, every office has a different definition on their primary philosophy.

Adding furniture not only extends the mood from beyond the walls, but it gives the entryway some type of function. Entryways can be used for all sorts of dual purposes. Reception desks are the traditional approach, but there are many other options that workplaces use. Add soft seating for a waiting area and informal meeting space. Put up a privacy divider to partition the space into additional work areas and then put away the divider when not needed. Even an extra table or desk can be a flex table for both guests and employees. Practical approaches to entryways can be both inviting and an excellent use of space for smaller offices.

From there, small touches are inexpensive and improve the welcome. Little takeaways (such as candy or pens) and easy access to snacks and water let all guests know they are welcome in your office. Make it easy for guests to connect by sharing any Wi-Fi passwords and social media names. Add artwork to the walls, such as photos from staff events, any awards or certifications, or choose unique art from the Choice Office Furniture selection. (Did you know that Choice support local artists at great prices?)

Don’t be intimidated when designing your entryway. Use it as an opportunity to showcase why you and your employees enjoy working there. Passion can easily be turned into a functional and welcoming design with a coat of paint and thoughtful furniture.

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