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What does “contract furniture” mean?

Contract Furniture

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Considering that all the furniture we sell at Choice Office Furniture is contract furniture, the term “contract furniture” is important to us.

Even if you have never stepped foot into an office furniture store or even an office, you have still used contract furniture. In fact, every time you leave your home you will likely come across contract furniture.

So what exactly is “contract furniture”?

Contract furniture is intended for use in places other than homes. The furniture is designed to withstand extended use and meet any third-party or regulatory specifications. Offices, schools, shops, restaurants, hospitals and many more types of facilities all are furnished with contract furniture.

The important aspect of contract furniture is not what it is being used for, but rather how it is made. Contract furniture manufacturers specifically design, test and construct products with heavy use and safety regulations in mind. In many cases, products or manufacturing processes are certified to meet external standards.

Contract furniture tends to be better build, last longer and comes with excellent warranties. Domestic furniture, on the other hand, is designed to be used in residential or home environments where day-to-day wear is reduced.

In the end, contract furniture is suitable for use anywhere. Homes, offices and public spaces all are excellent environments for contract furniture because the furniture will last throughout its lifetime. In fact, contract furniture is an excellent choice for all environments because it is designed and built to withstand heavy use and is often certified to be durable, safe and environmentally friendly.

Contract furniture used to emphasize durability over comfort, but that is not the case anymore. Furniture manufacturers are demonstrating that furniture can be long lasting, stylish, ergonomic and comfortable. You are not compromising on style or comfort with contract furniture; you are choosing to invest in furniture that will remain in top shape throughout its lifetime.

Whether you are looking for furniture for your home or for an entire office building, choose contract furniture. There is no need to compromise on comfort, durability and style in furniture anymore. To explore modern contract furniture, view our products online or instore at the Calgary contract furniture showroom.

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