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A bright office is inviting, warm and a welcoming place for both guests and workers. Did you also know that a bright office can improve productivity?

Increased exposure to light at work can improve sleep at nighttime. And as a result, it will improve workplace performance. This is according to a 2013 study by researchers in Chicago and published in the SLEEP journal.

The researchers monitored the sleep, quality of life and physical activity of 49 office workers, where 22 worked in offices with windows and the rest had no windows. The office workers that were exposed to natural light had longer sleeps with less disturbances. As a result, these workers showed improved quality of life and better workplace performance.

It all has to do with circadian rhythms, explained the researchers. These natural rhythms have a physiological and mental response, and they are directly impacted by light and darkness. When exposed to light, the human body goes into the “wake” mode. When exposed to darkness, then the “sleep” mode is activated.

When there are changes or disruptions to the circadian rhythm, then the human body tends to have poorer sleep and that can contribute to obesity, depression, diabetes and more.

All in all, light is important.

If your workplace has windows, be sure to arrange the desks and workstations to allow the most light to penetrate the office. Open offices have less walls and tend to be brighter, but may be impractical for some workplaces due to noise interruptions. In that case, try clear walls that prevent sound to pass but allow light. The TrendWall Clear is a floor-to-ceiling modular wall series that can be rearranged, and the incorporated power and data ports ensure these walls work in a technologically focused workplace.

Not all workplaces have easy access to natural light. Task lights can be used to brighten individual workstations to suit the needs and preferences of all workers. Choice Office Solutions carries a variety of simple yet elegant task lights, all of which are suitable to brighten offices or workstations.

If you are designing a new office or just upgrading an existing one, then be sure to consider light. A light and bright office is a productive one.

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