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As our name implies, Choice Office Furniture was founded to give our customers choice. From our range of new and used furniture to our comprehensive services that suit all sizes of workplaces, we are Calgary’s destination for everything related to office furniture. Here is why Choice Office Furniture is the right choice:

For all types of workplaces

The new and used furniture we carry is suitable for more than just offices. All types of workplaces and homes require furniture, and contract furniture is built to withstand the rigors of the toughest workplaces. Our suppliers excel at manufacturing furniture that can be rearranged, moved and expanded with ease. For large open-concept work areas to individual offices, Choice carries furniture that will match your unique requirements.

One desk or one hundred

Our customers come back again and again to Choice Office Furniture because we offer prompt and informative service to all customers. Whether you are shopping for a single chair or furniture for an entire office, our staff are happy to help you get the furniture that you need.

Competitive pricing

With a large selection of quality used and new furniture, Choice can furnish a workplace while meeting budget considerations. Our used furniture warehouse is full of quality items that are ready for a new home, and we collect sets of used furniture so even large workplaces can buy matching furniture on a budget. And our leasing and rental options give you even more room to meet your financial plan.

Find your style

Choice Office Furniture works with suppliers that have endless options for finishes, materials, styles and colours. This means you can choose furniture to match your office’s vibe and culture, and not the other way around. To get the perfect piece of furniture, we offer custom furniture services and upholstery. Our professional craftsmen will create professional furniture designed to your specifications.

Choice works around you

If you’re planning a new office or just renovating an existing one, furniture is just one step out of many. Choice Office Furniture understands that the timing for furniture delivery and installation is vital, so we will work around your schedule. We also offer comprehensive office move management to take simplify your to-do list during moves or renovations.

It’s your choice

Visit the new and used office furniture showroom in Calgary to see our range of quality furniture, or explore our products in our online catalogue. If you have any special requests or concerns, don’t hesitate to ask! Contact us anytime. We take pride in offering our customers choice and satisfaction throughout their furniture buying experience. 

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DeskMakers 3 Person Workstation


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