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What to do with old office furniture in Calgary


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As workplaces grow, shrink or change, furniture becomes obsolete or simply worn down. While this makes for a perfect opportunity to swap old furniture with new or quality used furniture, it can be a headache getting rid of old furniture.

Fortunately, finding a new home for old office furniture can be surprisingly easy.

If your used furniture is still in useable shape, don’t toss it out! Quality used office furniture can be traded in for credit for purchases at Choice Office Furniture. Your old furniture can go a long way in offsetting the cost of something new or different.

Choice’s trade-in program is simple. First, send us a message with the details of your old furniture. Let us know what type, brand (if you know it) and number of pieces you have. We will be happy to let you know how much credit they are worth! From there, we can discuss pick up or drop off options. We are happy to make it as easy as possible to get rid of old furniture.

For office furniture that has been well loved but no longer worth a trade-in credit, it can be donated to a good cause. Local thrift stores often accept used furniture and many even have free pickups. Search for a local thrift store or non-profit organization that accepts used furniture with the Recycling Council of Alberta directory. There are a variety of thrift stores, centres and organizations that would be happy to take any furniture off your hands.

After many years of heavy use, some pieces of furniture may not care to go to a new home. They may be too worn out or beat up. Smaller items of furniture can put into your garbage bin or dumpster, just be sure to check with your garbage pickup service provider to make sure. And then for larger items of old furniture, the City allows disposal in their landfills.

The good news of getting rid of old furniture: once they are gone, there is more room for new furniture! Visit our new and used office furniture showroom to explore exciting additions to your workplace. 

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