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Shared workstations reduce costs and clutter

Shared Workstations

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Not only does collaboration lead to innovation and new ideas, but it also can reduce furniture costs and cut clutter. Shared workstations make sense for the bottom line, and they can be sources of inspiration for all employees.

Shared workstations can be described as two or more desks in one, but designed so all work areas are distinct and organized. These workstations let more than one desk fit in a smaller area, meaning a smaller footprint, reduced furniture costs and less clutter.

Most shared workstations are a U or W shape, with the chairs in the middle and computers on opposite sides. This allows for employees to have their own space and privacy. Shared workstations are more popular in open office environments, though they also make sense where offices have limited space and there are not enough rooms for all employees. Not only do shared workstations cut costs and space requirements, they promote communication and collaboration between employees.

If your workplace is short on space, explore various options for shared workstations. Choice Office Furniture carries a variety of traditional and innovative workstations that can adapt to your requirements, floorplan and number of employees.

The biggest benefit to shared workstations is the flexibility. Many desk systems are designed to work alone or as a group, meaning workstations can be designed around your office’s unique needs. If you want two desks to fit into a small space while maintaining privacy and organization – that can be done. If you want a dozen desks to seamlessly flow in an open office – that is also possible. The opportunities are endless.

OFGO designs and manufactures a variety of desk suites that easily attach and can be reconfigured. The PanelX system of desks is a group of panels and desks that can be configured in a straight line or as groups.

For more privacy, the Extended Series by OFGO can create separate areas for work, collaboration and meeting guests. The series of panels and desks are highly efficient with space, meaning you can fit many workstations into a small area while keeping sufficient privacy.

There are many options for shared workstations. To find the best solutions for your office, send us a message or visit the Choice Office Furniture showroom in Calgary.

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