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Spring cleaning in the office

Spring Cleaning

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With spring just around the corner, it is a great opportunity to take time and make your workplace anew. A few annual tasks can keep office furniture clean and running smooth. Take five minutes today to spring clean your workplace – a clean office is a productive office!

The first step to spring cleaning is decluttering – organize documents, supplies and all odds and ends. From there, furniture surfaces and the insides can be accessed and cleaned. If you are looking to go a step further than just cleaning, reorganize your workspace with additional storage. The Pack Storage system offers cabinets of all sizes and can fit under a desk or beside for discrete but functional storage.

Office chairs can sometimes be used even more than beds – they are the spot for work, meetings, calls and even meals. Give extra attention to office chairs. Vinyl and leather fabrics are easy to clean with just water and a clean cloth. Fabric chairs can be a bit more difficult. Start by vacuuming and then clean stains with water and a fabric detergent.

For office chairs that are extra dirty, they are not a lost cause. If the springs, levers and wheels still work well, office chairs can be easily reupholstered and made fresh. Choice Office Furniture offers reupholstery services for office chairs. And here are some more tips to keep your office chair clean and running properly.

Office desks also require some love and care. After decluttering and reorganizing, take a few minutes to wipe down all surfaces and drawers. Desk drawers can be lubricated to make them easier to slide. For wood desks, run some paraffin wax on the wood runners and drawers. Metal runners can be greased with a little bit of all-purpose lubricant.

If your office desk has undergone extensive wear and tear, it is possible to improve the condition. Our office furniture repair and maintenance technicians can fix furniture, or we can resize or refinish the desk to make it look and function like a new desk.

Spring cleaning is not just a good habit for your home, it is a great routine for the office. All it takes is five minutes to declutter and maintain your office furniture.

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